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Melvyn Rawlinson

Apollo Theatre
Greek Mask Project
devised by Melvyn Rawlinson, with initial development by Stephen Jon



Festival Of Dionysus


Citizens of Athens, you are
invited to join us in celebration!
Tragedy - from the TROJAN WARS
Comedy - with the ROVER'S RETURN


for next years festival!
Are you a natural Comedian?
Or is the Tragedy more your style?


83% of schools re-book, year after year!

The MASK DEMONSTRATION, uses a selection of masks to show the contrasting styles of Tragedy and Comedy as performed in the ancient theatres of Greece and Rome introducing the audience to the techniques of this traditional form of story-telling.

The Goatman     Return of the King

"Lampito ...... forever young"     Psudatipus  



After learning some of the secrets of mask theatre, members of the audience can ask questions and try on masks and costumes themselves, and take on the guise of a great comedian or tragic hero!

A comedy 'master class'
A comedy 'master class'

The Mask Making Workshops offer a choice of 8 stylised theatre masks for the children to make and use or display. Simple step by step instructions will give children of varying abilities the confidence and know-how to produce work they will all be proud of, and will want to use in their own dramatic enactments!

Each workshop is suitable for up to 35 children.

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