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Melvyn Rawlinson's Arts & Drama Foundation has been supporting primary education in the classroom since 1984 with a range of exciting and innovative workshops. In total there are some 16 topics to choose from with a selection below.

Each workshop can accommodate up to 35 children.

Let's make a puppet!
WORKSHOPS for 3 to 11 year olds
Excellent for character based story telling

image of live hand puppetLive-hand Puppets
Workshop for 5 to 11 year olds developing skills of co-ordination and storytelling.

Chatterbox puppets group

image of a talking puppet - a pirate

Talking puppets
Uses symmetry to create "Spitting Image" style puppets. An imaginative workshop for 8 - 11 year olds.

Shadow Puppets
Sea Creatures - Mini Beasts
Exploring light, colour & transparency
with simple jointed puppets

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image of Pharohimage of Pharoh

Looking into the past

WORKSHOPS for 7 to 11 year olds
Introducing the characters from popular Myths & Legends
and the Famous Who Made History.

Anubis Mask      King Tutankhamun          Sekhmet Mask

Ancient Egyptians

Zues mask    Medusa mask    Athene Mask

Ancient Greeks

Also available a selection of
Aztecs; Romans;
Tudors; Victorian;
Gods, Heroes & Monsters.


Fantasy Masks & Puppets
For all ages
An introduction to a range of different techniques
with many artistic 'tricks of the trade' built-in.
A high degree of success & fun for all abilities.

chinese dragon mask 

talking puppet fire        talking puppet banshee        talking puppet water

Big Mouth Talking Puppets - big on character!

Also available a selection of

Chinese Dragons;
Animals from Aardvark to Zebra!
Aliens & Monsters
Flying insects & Creepy Crawlies


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