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Kamishibai Bicycle Stories

story box bicycle stories

3 - 11
year olds

from the Story Peddler
Told with wit and dramatic guile, he keeps the audience spellbound as he teasingly reveals the next picture-card

Inspired by KAMISHIBAI - ‘Japanese paper theatre’ - stories to engage
Multiple Literacy Strategies in a shared group setting.

Jack and the Beanstalk 

Choose from a selection which includes such favourites as . . . .
How the Chinese Zodiac Years Were Named,
Jack and the Beanstalk,
The Peach Boy,
The Moon Princess,
and The Cat With No Name, …... plus others!

Melvyn Storytelling Melvyn storytelling - jack and the beanstalk


Typically, the chosen story will be told to the children twice.
The picture cards are shuffled and the children must then place them in the correct sequence;
this time it’s their turn to remember as much of the story as possible.
Alternatively, once shuffled, the children help the Story Peddler
to tell a new story based on the now random order of the picture cards.

Availability: All Year
Age: 3-11 years & families
Playing time: minimum 10 minutes for each story, normally 3 stories per session
Venue: perfect for schools and family events,
Indoor / outdoor
Text: Minimal
Language: English

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