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Melvyn Rawlinson


The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Jack & the beanstalk

3 - 8
year olds

In association with Siesta Theatre
Original direction by Luis Boy.  Performance orginated by Melvyn Rawlinson

An old man is surprised to find himself once again in his childhood nursery, surrounded by many
much-loved toys.  He remembers his favourite story but ........ where's JACK?

Is it a dream? Or is it real? Better ask the Giant?

Jack and the Beanstalk 

With beautiful lighting, an intruiging set and orginal music by internationl composer and clarinettist, Santiago Puente, this award winning show has entranced many thousands who have seen it in schools, theatres and festivals across Europe. 

 "using puppets toys and everyday things, he sings and acts, gently drawing us into his world of play."

Availability: All Year / limited availablity with live music
Age: 3-8 years & families
Playing time: 45 minutes
Venue: perfect for schools, studios,
Indoor Only - with electricity
Text: Minimal
Language: English

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