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Melvyn Rawlinson


MELVYN RAWLINSON: Artistic Director



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Melvyn trained originally in Newcastle in the 1970s, he has worked extensively in many areas of theatre and is an accomplished actor, designer, director, puppeteer and maker of puppets and masks.

He has played many classical and contemporary roles in theatre. Achieved recognition as a set designer and was Director of Gateshead Little Theatre's 'Stage One'. His interest in toy theatre and the art of the puppet led to the founding of Professor Popup's Puppet Theatre in 1984. Melvyn has always been eager to explore forms of performance and theatre and develop his depth of understanding and expertise.

Each new production reflects a coming together of his own interests with a different set of influences, often through the guidance of those expert in their field. Such as "The Pied Piper of Hamelin" after working with Luis Boy at Norwich Puppet Theatre; "Festival of the Dragon Moon" after working with Yang Feng, a 5th generation Chinese Puppet Master and Mark Whitaker an ardent pupil.

Similarly Melvyn's love of Mask Theatre and "Commedia dell'arte", his keen interest in history and the influence of workshops with Mike Chase (a superb mask maker and exponent of Commedia) led to the highly successful "Greek Mask Theatre Project". And more recently an exploration into object theatre led to the highly playful "Amazing, Mr Noah!".

The success of the Puppet and Mask Making Workshops prompted the formation of the "Arts & Drama Foundation Project" in 1992 to accommodate the unprecedented demand, conducting over 300 workshops and training days each year.

Melvyn currently divides his time between:

  • developing links with community events - support worker, project leader
  • directing, devising and supporting new work and ideas
  • advisor and tutor to educationalists - In Service Training days, seminars
  • actor and puppeteer in schools, theatres and festivals - at home and abroad
  • self improvement - "be better at what you're doing today, than you were yesterday!"

Full contact details:
Melvyn Rawlinson
34 Cleve Avenue
Nottingham. NG9 6JH.

Tel 0115 973 3220


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