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Melvyn Rawlinson


Amazing, Mr Noah banner

Amazing, Mr Noah! banner

under 8
year olds

The story of a Man, an Ark and a lot of Animals!
designed, devised and performed by Melvyn Rawlinson

Professor Popup is on holiday, enjoying a cup of tea in his chalet
..... and it's raining cats and dogs! Trapped indoors he begins to use the things left behind from holidays long forgotten....
Photo: Mr Noah's lost property tell the story of, not just a storm in tea cup, but the Great Flood.

Mr Buckethead Mrs Noah
The unhelpful carpenter & Mrs Noah

Photo of Noah Stage Set

This imaginative re-telling of an old favourite is a delightful introduction to theatre, especially for the very young.

 . . . performed with style and warmth gently drawing us into his world of play things. Animations Review Excellent - parents and kids enjoyed it, ..... lots of silent interaction. Havering Libraries Tour
and of previous performances
Played with impeccable timing, humour and dexterity, the show got the Finnish version of a standing ovation - the triumph of the festival. Penny Francis, Animations Review

Availability: All Year
Age: 3-8 years & families
Playing time: 50 minutes
Venue: perfect for schools, studios, festivals
Indoor Only - with electricity
Text: Minimal
Language: English - others a possibility

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