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Melvyn Rawlinson


Professor Popup's Puppet Theatre

striving for excellence and innovation in the art of the puppet
Touring Schools, Arts Centres and Festivals throughout Britain

Melvyn Rawlinson worked in theatre as an actor and director before forming Professor Popup's Puppet Theatre in 1984. Working with other puppeteers his first production toured primary schools in the East Midlands, England. This achieved 800 performances in just two years - remarkable for a new company - and was seen by an estimated 150,000 children in the region.

The following productions are part of the permanent repertoire and are available throughout the year.

The Pied Piper of Hamelin Amazing Mr Noah flier for a very chinese puzzleStory Box Bicycle stories flier

To complement each of these and other performances a series of Puppet and Mask making workshops were developed which now cover some 20 different topics. Seminars and Inset Training for teachers and educationalists followed.

In all his many guises, Melvyn Rawlinson, and all those associated with Professor Popup's Puppet Theatre aim to use the often exceptional art of the Puppet and theatre of the Mask to:

  • create exciting, new and innovative work, which will entertain and may be educatational and thought provoking
  • promote cultural activities and explore popular concepts, social conventions and prejudices
  • attract and be accessible to a wide range and diverse audience
  • encourage critical awareness
while aspiring to create a standard of excellence in all areas of production.

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